Court Booking

Booking Procedure

Introducing CourtReserve! If you need assistance setting this up or would prefer to book through us, please don’t hesitate to call 403-452-8631 or email [email protected]

Bookings will be taken 4 days in advance.  For example, on Thursday you can book for Sunday. You are able to have up to 2 advanced bookings.

Same Day Bookings

  • Please call the clubhouse at 403-452-8631 and our attendant will book you in between the hours of 9am-9pm.
  • If you already have 2 Advanced Bookings, you are allowed to call the day of, to book a court, regardless of any future bookings, provided it is within 2 hours of that court time.
  • Reminder that you cannot book for a later time, if you already have a court booked that day (ex. You cannot book for 3:15pm on a Wednesday, if you already have a 1:45pm court booked that same Wednesday. If there is an available court at 3:15pm you may stay and play after the completion of your 1:45pm booking, please speak with the attendant in this scenario).

Advance Day Bookings

  • Please email [email protected] for all advanced booking inquiries or book through your Court Reserve Account.
  • You are allowed 2 Advanced Court Bookings within a 4-Day Period
  • We require both members listed when booking a court, and both members must not, already have 2 courts booked in advance, in order to complete the booking. Please note we will no longer hold courts with one member moving forward. 

Rain Delays

  • With the uncertainty of the weather here in Calgary, court bookings will not be made up if cancelled due to weather.


  • Please cancel any bookings as soon as you know you are unable to attend.  We want to ensure that all members are getting a chance to get on the courts.  If you are fifteen minutes late and have not notified us, we will open your court for other members.  If the members have notified us, or one member is there waiting for their partner, they are entitled to that court.

Hitting List

  • If you would like to be added to the list we have created for members to find partners to hit with, please email [email protected] with your name, level, email and phone number.